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Who’s Lisa

Hi!  My name is Lisa.   I am a lover of life, the world around me and the people who fill it.  I have a passion to encourage others, be the best “Lisa,” I can be and photograph glimpses of this moment for all time.  I believe each season of life should be treasured as it only comes once.

My favorite things to capture are:  newborns, high school seniors, families and hospice patients.  Yes, a strange mix at first glance.   I am sure to many.  Each one of these has very different things special and unique to them and their season in life.

Newborns, fresh from heaven with all their littleness, fuzziness, so soft and that baby smell that just doesn’t last long enough to bottle up.   The beginnings of life is a blink of an eye, quick and should be photographed before it is gone.  It is if only they could stay small a tad bit longer, longings, that keep me overjoyed to photograph each fresh from heaven newborn.

A huge leap to high school  seniors from newborns, yes?   However, this is a time of fairytales and magic that has been awakened again.  High school seniors are full of dreams of what if’s & could be’s,  looking to express themselves as who they are, excited and scared at the same time for a new adventure that is coming sooner than they think as graduation and adulthood await just around the corner.   I love capturing each of their uniqueness, finding out what they are into and making art of what will one day be happy memories of days gone by.

Which brings us back to the beginning, when two people fell  in love and started a family.   I love seeing the interactions between mom and dad,  children and parents, brothers and sisters and catching it on camera.  Seeing families play together, laugh with each other,  bake a batch of cookies together, love on one another,  that once captured are timeless for life times to come.   It warms my heart.

Hospice Care/ bereavement / funerals are not something many think as a time to break out the camera or hire a photographer, but they are the last times we have to celebrate the life of those who will go before us. They are bittersweet, as like with weddings, they bring families and dear friends together to remember, to share in the sorrow, to celebrate a life well lived and to be bathed in sweet memories to console the heart.  Some of my most treasured photographs are of these such times.

Life is unscripted and time is a thief, photography is my way of stealing back moments, memories, feelings, time for the life ahead.  When you decide to have me capture some of your memories be prepared for a little fun,  an adventure, a few laughs and timeless moments captured for the lifetime to come.

Life is Good.  Let’s Celebrate, my friend!   ~Lisa Marie

Words of Life

Daughter  |  Sister  |  Friend  |  Wife  |  Believer  |  Mother  |  People lover  |  Family  |  Friends

Time  |  Clocks  |  Seconds  |  Minutes  |  Hours  |  Days  |  Years  |  Lifetimes  |  Days gone by

Joy  |  Fun  |  Happiness  |  New life  |  Sorrow  |  New beginning   |  Life unscripted  |  Ups & downs

Life  |  Adventures  |  Journeys  |  Colorful  |  Full   |  Black & white  |  Captured  |  Glimpses  |  Cameras

Snap shots  |  Time in a bottle  |  Memories  |  Living life to the fullest  |  Being the best me

It’s Life Unscripted

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