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Just one of “those” days….

You know those days when things just don’t seem to go right, or maybe it is, a time of feeling down or  you really just need that little pick me up?  Today in some ways has been one of those days for me.  Just questioning am I spinning my wheels in some areas, while on the mountain top in others….and still  curious if what you do in some really matters.    Then right in the middle of your self pep talk about how your attitude needs an adjustment,  you need to focus  on your blessings….BAAAAAAM!   The Lord provides you with seeing your hard work is for something, someone did appreciate something you had done or He  allows someone to give you a kind word or two that just blesses you.  This was mine tonight…….Thank you Tabatha for sharing and your words of sweetness!  You blessed me more than you may know. :)


So please share with me in a comment one time out of the blue that someones words or kindness,

lifted you up or snapped you out of one of those days….

Laura - August 14, 2013 - 8:13 am

You’ve done this for me more times than I can count. You snap me out of it often!

Melanee Kate Thomas - September 3, 2013 - 6:21 pm

This is fantastic! It’s truly amazing how small words of encouragement can go so far.
(Oh, and beautiful image by the way!)

Recently for me-especially with photography-it hasn’t exactly been compliments or what people have said-but what they have done. In the past month I have had several strangers show me great kindness. Whether fellow Photographers coaching me with Newborns, a successful child entertainer giving me free referrals just because he can, or winning free posing books. It truly leaves one feeling that nothing is impossible and only encourages me to bigger dreams and greater creativity. It’s really amazing to see how God uses people to clear the way and encourage me on. :)

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